High School Graduates Earn 48% of College Graduate Average Wages

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Each year, the Arizona Board of Regents produces a report on wages earned by graduates within the Arizona university system. These universities include Arizona State University, Northern Arizona University, and the University of Arizona. According to the report, high school graduates are earning 48% of college graduate average wages.

Specifically, a high school graduate earns a median wage of $27,708. However, a college graduate earns nearly double that, making $53,091 a year.

College graduates see more benefits that extend past earning higher wages. According to an article from USA Today, those without a college degree are less likely to have a job (in many cases), get married, own a home, or move in search of better opportunities.

In many cases, students aren’t actively choosing to forego a college education—they simply can’t afford to go. In an article from the National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators, they state that low-income students cannot afford to attend 95% of colleges in the United States.

Though it may be difficult to address the drastic difference in wages, we can start by helping more high school students realize their dreams of going to college, no matter what their economic background is.

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