How Will College Benefit You in the Future?

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High school can be an exciting time. With classwork, friendships, first loves and first jobs, it can be hard to slow down and think about your future. Have you wondered if college should be part of the plan? It’s one of the most important decisions you’ll make. Here are some reasons why it should be on your radar:

68% of jobs in Arizona will require post-secondary education by 2020. The workforce will be more competitive and more specialized. Being able to find a job and make a living wage in that environment are greatly improved with a college degree. 

Some of the fastest growing occupations will be in STEM, healthcare, and community services which require high levels of post-secondary education. If you are driven to help others, or you want to design and develop new computer systems, consider a career in nursing or computer science. Growing professions like these offer more plentiful job options and have a strong earning potential.

It’s no surprise that tomorrow’s workforce will be even more technical than today’s. They will be the next generation of innovators and problem solvers! Engineers, computer software developers, and alternative energy technicians will demand some of the highest salaries. Are you curious about solar technology or wind turbines? This is the future so let’s prepare you to be a valuable part of it.

Keep in mind that no matter what major you choose, you will be taking classes in a variety of subjects that will help enhance your problem solving, critical thinking, communication, and discussion skills. These are qualities employers are looking for and vital skills that will help you succeed in life. The benefits of a college education go well beyond a job.

High school is the perfect time to explore various areas of interest to find out what excites and inspires you.

Having the opportunity to take classes in art history, education, technology and business is just the first step in choosing your path forward. Taking these general college courses and concurrently knocking out high school credit will accelerate your time and cost to degree, and help you get on a career track that makes sense for you by the time you arrive to college. You will be ready for your major courses, instead of exploring and testing.

ASU Prep Digital offers accelerated pathways toward university admission and careers of the future. High school students take university courses through Arizona State University and start earning credit in their major. Courses like Computer Application and Information Technology, Engineering Perspectives on Biological Systems, Introduction to Health Innovation, and Exploration of Public Service Careers engage learners in ways that prepare them for the future.

College can open doors to a brighter, more prosperous life and career. With all this in mind, take some time to consider how your choices today could inspire your tomorrow. ASU Prep Digital has the resources to turn your plans into reality.


Check out career pathways you can embark on with us and the college courses available through ASU here.