Learning Pods Are Coming to ASU Prep Digital

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Learning pods offer an innovative way for students to gather in a shared learning environment while maintaining their safety and social life.

They’re typically composed of four to five students (and often their parents and instructors), who meet as a group on a regular basis to discuss common coursework, group assignments, hobbies and interests, test prep, and more.

These controlled group gatherings became increasingly popular during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, and have quickly become a mainstay in education, especially among online learners where socialization and collaboration opportunities can be harder to come by.

Learning pods are celebrated for their ability to connect students, develop their interests and provide them with peer-to-peer support. They’re also a great way for students  to catch up on lost learning due to a prolonged absence. 

Now, ASU Prep Digital K-5 elementary school students can experience all the benefits of learning pods led by their teachers and Learning Success Coaches.

ASU Prep Digital will be introducing these optional learning pods to help students connect on a deeper level. Once initiated, each learning pod will be self-sustaining and maintained by the parents and students that participate in them. ASU Prep Digital faculty will be available to provide as much support as desired.

ASU Prep Digital learning pods can be hosted online or in-person. For example, students who reside in a specific city or neighborhood may wish to form a pod and meet up on a weekly basis. Others could use their learning pod more casually, as a means to host virtual study groups, field trips, recess breaks, and lunch-and-learns. Students have the freedom to form a learning pod based on their study needs and personal preferences.
No special equipment is required to participate in a learning pod. It’s really as simple as setting up a Zoom or Skype account.

If you’re an ASU Prep family and want to learn how to join a learning pod, please contact your student’s classroom teacher directly.

If you’d like to learn more about our ASU Prep Digital online K–5 program, please visit asuprepdigital.org.