Next-Level Twinning: Identical Twins Graduate as Co-Valedictorians

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Andrew and Nicholas De Lapp, 2023 ASU Prep Casa Grande graduates, excel in many areas, “twinning” included. The identical twins stuck together through high school, succeeding in academics and participating as student-athletes at Barça Residency Academy, the prestigious elite youth soccer program located within the Grande Sports World Campus that ASU Prep Casa Grande calls home. Most recently, the dynamic duo was recognized as co-valedictorians of their 2023 ASU Prep graduating class. 

As Andrew and Nick prepared to turn the tassels of their graduation caps and deliver their co-valedictorian speech, they reflected on their high school journey. 

The ASU Prep Experience

When recalling favorite moments, the De Lapp twins agree they enjoyed organizing and participating in school events, like a recycling contest and field day. For Andrew, a standout experience was volunteering for a nonprofit organization, explaining, “It cemented my love of helping others and volunteering to make an impact.” For Nick, participating in these events helped him “see how much I love helping people.”

Andrew and Nick also praise Barça Academy as crucial to their growth at ASU Prep. Because it’s a residency program, student-athletes live away from home in dorm-like accommodations, helping the brothers prepare for the independence of college life and beyond. 

On the path of balancing a schedule full of extracurriculars, soccer, and rigorous academics, the staff at ASU Prep was there to support at every step. Andrew acknowledges that everyone at ASU has been “massively helpful” but is especially grateful to Sean Mark, a chemistry teacher who “sparked my love of science.” Nick singles out principal Sylvia Mejia for promoting a great learning environment and countless opportunities. The brothers both credit academic advisor Denice Douglas for all her guidance and endless support. 

Nick, the older brother by two minutes, sums it up well. “When I look back at ASU Prep, I will most remember the people I met. The people you bring along on your journey make it that more special. Build a network of more inspiring, smarter, more successful friends, mentors and co-workers, and they will help you succeed in your own right.”

Lessons Learned along the Way

Success doesn’t come easy, and the brothers both acknowledge challenges along the way. Andrew felt the pressure of the college decision process, including researching and visiting schools, while still keeping up with his school work and extracurricular activities. Despite the hard work, Andrew says, “Life is all about enjoying the experience. It’s vital to take some time to enjoy the moment. If you’re always working, you’ll never be able to enjoy what you’ve worked for.”

Nick feels the most challenging experience has been balancing a busy schedule and maintaining the confidence to get it all done. He credits his strong support system for keeping him going and advises others, “Cherish every single moment. Do your best at anything you do and try everything. I believe the regret of having never done something feels much worse than the regret of failure or embarrassment. You can learn something from each experience you have.”

It’s a Family Thing

Along with ASU Prep Casa Grande and the Barça Residency soccer community, the De Lapp brothers credit their family for providing them with support and strong guidance. Their parents both work in the healthcare field, their father as an orthopedic surgeon and their mother as a physical therapist. Nick calls them “very hard workers who juggle a lot of responsibilities,” while Andrew says they’ve “always been there through thick and thin,” providing a strong example and inspiring the recent graduates to pursue their own futures in the medical field.  

Andrew plans to become a neurosurgeon, while Nick aspires to be an orthopedic surgeon like his father. Having already earned college credits while attending ASU Prep, they are well on their way to meeting these goals. 

The duo earned merit scholarships and this fall will head to Macalester College in St. Paul, Minnesota to continue their education and play soccer for the Scots—Andrew as a winger and Nick as center back.

Best of luck to these two outstanding ASU Prep graduates. With a strong foundation and their performance record, Andrew and Nicholas De Lapp are sure to succeed in all their future endeavors.