See What Our Parents Are Saying – Layers of Support—Social and Academic

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Students and families enroll at ASU Digital Prep for a variety of reasons. Sadly, bullying and peer pressure are social themes we frequently hear mentioned. Read on to see how switching to an online school helped this student thrive.

“My daughter is a very strong student academically. She was struggling socially and emotionally at her brick-and-mortar school, however, and would come home most days crying. She is naturally social and loves other students. She is also very sensitive and kind. I tried everything from working with her brick-and-mortar teacher to speaking with administration to at-home strategies to help her prepare for each day at school.

When she started to get physically ill when we would arrive at school each day and this avid reader and math whiz started to tell me she did not like school, I knew I had to make a change. ASU Prep Digital has been such a blessing to our family. She has been able to maintain her social relationships and extracurricular activities to include a competitive swim team and Girl Scouts, and she has made new friends through her ASUPD classmates. The transition to digital learning has been seamless because of her classroom teacher and her Learning Success Coach. Questions are answered quickly, and there are many layers of support at ASUPD.

She has been challenged academically since starting with ASUPD. Whereas most of her brick-and-mortar lessons were whole-group lessons with little individualization, her ASUPD teacher conducts small group lessons and offers 1:1 help during office hours, all of which we take advantage of regularly. She even told me she ‘loves school’ again and has so much fun during Friday live lessons with her friends, reviewing concepts in an engaging way. I asked her the other day what she has thought of the shift to ASUPD so far, and she turned to me and said, “Mom, I am at peace.”

I could not ask for more. From the strong academics to the positive community, I could not be more grateful for ASUPD as a parent, and I cannot wait to see her continue to flourish.”

We wholeheartedly believe a child’s success is dependent on the balance of academic stimulation and emotional/social well-being. Hearing this student has found peace at ASU Prep Digital—we could not ask for more as well!

It means a lot when a parent shares how ASU Prep Digital is helping their student succeed. We’d love to hear from you. Share your story with us at