Student Spotlight: Jacob Mudry, #1 Goalkeeper

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Jacob Mudry, Goalkeeper, on and off the Field

ASU Prep Digital isn’t exaggerating when they say students can take classes at their own pace from anywhere in the world. Just ask Jacob Mudry, a 16-year-old from Austin, Texas, who completed the school year online from Berlin, Germany.  

Because of ASU Prep Digital’s flexible online coursework, Jacob is able to continue his high school education while also training to become the professional soccer player he hopes to be one day. Jacob was scouted while still in middle school to join the International Soccer Academy, a program that recruits talented North American youth soccer players to train with professional European clubs. Jacob just wrapped up an eight-month adventure with Hertha Berlin’s Integrated academy U17 team made up of fellow 16- and 17-year-old North Americans. 

Grateful for ASU Prep Digital

Jacob compliments his ASU Prep Digital teachers, explaining their support: “The teachers are very compassionate. They are focused on making sure we’re up to date and that we have everything we need. The teachers and my Learning Success Coach are just on top of everything and make sure we have good grades.”

He goes on to say that despite the major time zone difference, “It’s really easy to contact them. They respond very quickly. The teachers are a lot more flexible and make time for us.”

Jacob’s favorite subject is math, and he says even though trigonometry is hard, he still really likes it. He applies that same can-do attitude to life and goal-keeping.  

“The teachers are very compassionate. They are focused on making sure we’re up to date and that we have everything we need.”


An Unexplainable, Indescribable Year

Jacob appreciates the unique experience he’s had playing soccer in Europe, saying, “What I’ve enjoyed most was the difference between U.S. and European soccer. When I came here, it was just basically a whole new method. The teams and the competition are very intense and much tougher than in America. The coaches are great. It’s just overall very indescribable.”

Jacob says he’s learned life lessons through soccer and has grown a lot in the past year. For example, the challenges of dealing with injuries and the heightened pressure of playing goalkeeper: “The fact that sometimes in a game you can make a mistake, a really big mistake that can impact the match. As a goalkeeper, you can make a mistake that can lead to the opponents scoring a goal.” And without his mom there to hug or his dad to talk to, Jacob’s had to figure it out on his own. Jacob explains, “I’m learning, finding myself and just gaining independence and seeing basically what college life is like without going to college. If I can get through a year in Germany this young, I feel like college life will be kind of a breeze to get through.”

When asked if his future plans include college, Jacob explains his primary goal is to sign a contract with a prestigious European soccer club like Bayern Munich.  

What’s Next

Jacob has returned home to Texas for the summer, where he is excited to spend time with his family and friends, and yes, his hometown coaches for more soccer training. He has a built-in practice buddy in his 12-year-old brother, who is also a talented soccer player. 

In the fall, Jacob plans to play once again with the International Soccer Academy, returning to Hertha Berlin for a second year while also continuing another school year with the support of ASU Prep Digital’s online curriculum.