Tips to Keep Your Brain Active During Summer Break

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Ah, summer. Vacations. Staycations. Sleeping in. For many, summer break means beach, binge-watch, and sometimes, boredom. But just because you’re not in school doesn’t mean learning has to stop. Summer break is the perfect time to find time for things you love with activities that also help keep your brain sharp.

Here are a few ways to keep your mind active this summer:

Play Games

Yes, you read right—you have permission to play games! Games can have a positive impact on your brain function and development and can improve memory. But it’s true, not all games are created equal. Choose games that boost creativity and incorporate problem-solving and critical thinking skills. Level up your word mastery and mathematical computations while having fun. Nowadays, you can find a variety of games online but there is something about playing a tangible board game with others that brings skills together. So, challenge your family and friends to a game or two and let them know they are working out their brains. 


Now before you groan out loud, we’re talking about reading whatever it is you want to read (we’d bet money it’s not a textbook). Did a summer movie come out that is based on a book? What’s your favorite TV show? What was it five years ago? Have a favorite comic or cartoon character? The beauty of summer reading is that you can treat yourself to some light, enjoyable reading and keep your mind and imagination active.


Don’t worry, we’re not thinking at all about a book report or writing essay. Draft a poem or song.  Jot down a short story you’ve been pondering. Journal daily about your summer adventures or plans and dreams for the future. Writing in any form strengthens concentration skills and improves cognitive function. Leisurely writing is a great creative expression and helps keep your mind sharp. And who knows, writing a best seller could be an added bonus.

Learn an Instrument

Did you ever go to a concert and wish you were the one shredding on the guitar or beating those drums? Fascinated by people who can read music? Playing an instrument not only improves long-term memory and brain function, but it also enhances reaction times. There are lots of online tutorials that will walk you through the basics. You can also check your local area for in-person lessons.

Summer is a great time to reflect on the past year, recharge, and set goals for the next school year. Bust summer boredom by keeping your brain engaged with these activities and more. How will you keep your mind sharp this summer?