Why Summer School Isn’t Such a Bummer

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Your locker is cleared out and your friends dash to their respective cars and buses. Final exams are turned in. The once overflowing hallways are now empty. It’s official, summer has arrived!

For many students, education comes to a screeching halt. Study halls and presentations are replaced with SPF and video games. For some, though, this lull between grades means summer school. Does combining the words summer and school make your stomach drop? Here’s why school could actually be the coolest thing you do this summer.

Hang Time

What if every time you asked your parents if you could hang with your friends, they excitedly said yes? By convincing your friends to take summer classes with you, you have a built-in excuse to spend time together (studying, of course). Your parents will gain respect for your academically motivated friend, too. This respect leads to more trust in your judgment and peers. And those brownie points can come in awful handy the next time you ask for a later curfew!

Set Yourself Up for Travel

Do you have dreams of traveling the globe when you graduate? By taking concurrent enrollment courses over the summer, you can earn high school and college credit. And that means you’ll be working toward giving your future college schedule some breathing room. Time that would have been spent propping open your eyelids at an 8 a.m. English class can instead be used to take an international adventure. Travel becomes difficult once you’re out of school, but if you plan for it ahead of time you avoid missing out on the opportunity.

Boost GPA

Summer school still carries a negative connotation for some. Those people need to get with the times! While summer school was once seen as a tool for underperforming students, it’s now used by high-achieving learners to accelerate their academic careers. By completing classes online, you can bump your GPA while staying in your pajamas and blasting your favorite playlist (or re-watching your favorite series for the 50th time.)

Avoid Learning Loss

Did you know that the typical student loses about two months’ worth of educational skills during the summer months? For all the stress and studying you put into the school year, all that hard-earned brain power is worth maintaining. Keep your mind sharp and your skills honed, so when the first day of school arrives, you fall right into the rhythm. No beats skipped.

Finish Sooner

Are you ready to trade in your high school locker for a college dorm? By earning credit over the summer, you are one step closer to high school graduation. The college you have your eye on will certainly notice your academic drive, as well. In areas where college admissions are competitive, the number of acceleratory summer school participants is on the rise. Which means you’ll be in great company (see #1 on this list).