3 Tips to Stay on Task when Faced with a World of Distraction

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Written by Billie Fetcher

Staying on task is challenging. For a lot of people, your mind naturally wanders. During this age of social media, most things revolve around a notification. While this notification connects you with others, it’s not the best when you’re trying to focus. We have all struggled to stay on task, whether it’s through school, work, or even conversations. Sometimes you have a roadblock when you’re trying to focus. Here are three tips to stay on task.

Setting a Schedule with Breaks

Why would I waste time on that? Setting a schedule isn’t a waste of time! Lots of people tend to skip this step and decide to go straight into working. When you go straight into working, you often forget to take necessary breaks. Breaks are essential for your brain; it’s hard to work for hours and hours on end without a break. According to Martha C. White’s study at Time.com, the most productive workers’ ideal time to work is 52 minutes with a 17-minute break. While this may not work for you, it’s a great starting point. Schedule your day in 52-minute increments, then during your breaks, go for a walk, message a friend or grab a snack! Adjust your focus time from there for what works best for you.

Making a Goal

Goals are a great way to motivate you. Different from creating a schedule, this tip is super easy to do. Try setting a short-term goal. A great example is “I’m going to finish my Math assignments for the week within the next two hours.” The key to setting strategic goals is to make them achievable. Why would you work hard for something if you can’t accomplish it? You need to find the right balance between pushing yourself too far or perfectly. Setting a goal can keep you on task because you have something you are working towards; if you see an end in sight, you are more likely to want to reach the end.

Muting the World Out

Shut it off! Sometimes the best way to focus is to not worry about everything else. The first step is to turn off those notifications we talked about earlier. Remember not to check your phone! Use the schedule we implemented earlier, and only use your distracting electronics during breaks. It can be hard to separate yourself from distracting electronics. Just remember that it’s not for forever. If it’s still distracting with your phone in the same room as you, move it. Maybe keep your phone in the kitchen and do your work in the living area. That way, even the best of ears can’t hear the vibrations. When staying on task, you will become a more productive individual. Tomorrow implement one of these tips into your day. It may not seem like it could change a lot, but it can! Hopefully, these tips make staying on task a little easier.

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