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Written by Allison Bennett

Does anyone remember when they were 3? Maybe 4?

When all seemed great to a careless child.

Yet, as I think upon it, I can only remember the important things; but what makes those things so important that I remember them over the rest?

Is it when I got that Barbie dream house when I was 4 or when I lost my tooth when I was 3? Why are these memories so important over the rest of my life memories, why can’t I remember other things, why can I only remember the important things?


Why, is the only question I can ask. What makes them so unique and valued is the question.

When we all think back to our first Christmas, what age were you? I was 8; I couldn’t think of any other Christmas or birthdays beyond recognition. I was stumped. I often find myself wondering and asking what were my birthdays and Christmas like. What caused them to slip from my memories? Yet, it’s not only the Birthdays and Christmases that slip from my memories, it’s everything else. I understand that Doctors, Teachers, and Physicists say that it was because we were without logic, but is that really why we only remember the good parts or major parts?

When I keep thinking of my WHY questions the more and more I wonder why.

If your mind always wonders why then maybe we all of the same thoughts.

Every once in a while we tend to immerse ourselves into deep thoughts; what does your mind always wander too?

But why?