Amazing (And Weird) Ice Cream Flavors

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By Prisha Goyal
There’s nothing better than an ice cream on a hot summer’s day, and even though we’reentering winter now, I thought that these three amazing ice cream flavors just had to beshared.
1.Pet Bird-Flavored Ice Cream, introduced in Torimi Café in Tokyo, Japan: TorimiCafé is a small, charming animal café, known for its resident birds andbird-flavored sweet treats! Don’t worry, the ice cream isn’t made of birds. It’smade of things that birds eat, like fruit, nuts and seeds. Right now, the caféfeatures three flavors, cockatiel, java sparrow, and parakeet.
2.Cold Sweat Ice Cream, introduced in Sunni Sky’s Homemade Ice Cream in Angier,North Carolina: This is possibly the spiciest ice cream you’ll ever eat. It’s madewith habanero peppers and two kinds of hot sauce. Sunni Sky’s Homemade IceCream is another pleasant shop in a small town, offering over 100 flavors.
3.Glow-in-the-Dark Vanilla Ice Cream, introduced in Lick Me I’m Delicious inBristol, England: The flavor of this ice cream isn’t what makes it special, but whenyou lick this ice cream, it glows up! Lick Me I’m Delicious added the same proteinsto this ice cream as the bioluminescent ones that make jellyfish glow. Licking the
ice cream makes those proteins activate, and your ice cream lights up!