The Gift: What the Holidays are Truly About

By Natalee Tygard
     Our story takes place inside a small old house on Christmas Eve. We look in one of the tiny windows to see a family of three sitting by a warm glowing fireplace.     “Mommy, what did you and daddy get me for Christmas?” the little boy asks. The parents look at each other with a nervous glare. “Well, honey, you will just have to wait and see,” His mother says kindly, as the boy runs to his father’s lap. “It will be right under the Christmas tree tomorrow morning so you should get to sleep.” His father explains pointing at the short and petite tree, the little boy playfully trying to escape his arms. Before he has the chance to break free his father quickly lifts him up and carries him down the stubby hall. His mother follows close behind. The little boy climbs in his bed and rolls up in the blankets. “Now you get to sleep little one,” His father says as he hugs his son. His mother looks him in the eye, “No peeking under the tree before we are all up, got it.” “I won’t.” “Good night my beautiful boy,” His mother says exiting the room.
     The next morning, the little boy awakens to a quiet house. He walks over to his parents’ bedroom dragging his blanket behind him. He climbs into their bed. He begins wildly jumping up and down. “Mommy! Daddy! Wake up its Christmas!” His father grabs him as he gets out of bed, keeping him from bouncing any longer. “Are you ready for breakfast, little man?” “Yepp!” As they walk to the kitchen, he covers his eyes to keep from seeing under the tree. His mother enters the kitchen and gets each of them a warm plate of syrupy French toast.
     They soon finish eating. “Are you ready for your present?” His mother asks. “Uh huh,” The little boy says nodding his head. “Ok, lets go get it,” His father says as the little boy runs into the living room. He quickly grabs the small gift and sets it in his lap. “Alright you can open it now.” His father states. He begins to pull away the wrapping paper. He realizes it is a box, so he opens it and pulls the gift out, it is a plush dog with a bowtie. His face immediately lights up. He runs to his mother and his father and raps his arms around them. “Thank you, mommy and daddy, this is the best gift ever!” He exclaims. “I am going to name him Lenny! He will be my best friend!” He quickly runs to his room.
     His parents clean up the wrapping paper and come back to find that there is an envelope in front of them. “I made this present for you guys since I don’t have
any money,” he says sweetly, pushing the envelope toward them. They open it up and find a hand-drawn picture of their family and in front of their house. There is also a little letter. “Read it out loud!” he demands. “Alright, dear mommy and daddy I want you to know that I love you so much and I will always, no matter what! Thank you for being such great parents. I could never replace you! Merry Christmas!” His mom says as tears well in her eyes. “We love you too buddy! Thank you so much!” Both the parents say. He runs to their arms and they all huddle in a warm embrace.
The End