Why TikTok Is The Most Popular App Right Now

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By Emily O’Reilly
      Nowadays, it is not very common to not be on social media. Whether watching TikToks directly on the app or even through Instagram and Youtube, these short videos have taken the world by storm. TikTok is an app that shows off videos ranging from ten seconds to ten minutes. Since a video can be super short, it can easily attract viewers and keep their attention span activated. Everyone has two pages: their following and they’re “For You” page. A “For You” page shows off videos that may cater to the watcher’s specific interests. Viewers can watch videos posted by creators who they love, along with being able to discover new favorites. Anyone can be popular on the app , especially if your page has a specific and small niche. There are videos for every interest possible on this app. Whether you are interested in cooking, dancing, beauty, or music, you will be able to find thousands of videos and creators that fit you.       Since TikTok doesn’t only display one type of interest or hobby, it allows a larger range of ages to be attracted to their app compared to other social media platforms. Whether you are a millennial, boomer, or gen Z, you can likely enjoy spending your time scrolling through the thousands of videos. Once your preferences are noticed by the app quickly, you are more likely to enjoy your time on it. It is also an app where trends can quickly get popular throughout many communities. This allows for a specific topic to be discussed by many people. There are always new topics being discussed every day. No matter who you are, you can easily be sucked into watching videos for hours without even realizing how long you have spent. If you want to learn more about this topic, here are two resources that talk more about TikTok’s success: