A Day in The Life of an ASU Prep Digital Student

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So you’re thinking about enrolling in college classes online, as a high school student? You may have questions about how this new process will work within your current reality. What can you expect your day to look like as a part-time and full-time ASU Prep Digital student?

Let’s look at a day-in-the-life of an ASU Prep Digital part-time and full-time student.

Part-Time Students:

Students can usually plan on spending about 4 hours per week, per course. You may start your day going to a traditional high school or homeschool situation. Then at some point, head over to a coffee house, library or back home to start your online coursework.

Part-time students will typically start their ASU Prep Digital work by logging into their student dashboard to check for updates or messages from their personal success coach, teachers or fellow students. It’s important you take a minute to reply to those messages and check-in with your coach and teacher with any questions or concerns — then jump into some coursework. This can involve watching course videos, reading articles, reviewing course modules and working on outstanding lessons. Each week your teacher will host a live video forum which you can join or watch the recorded version at their convenience.

If it is an exam week, you may spend time studying on your own. Then, once you’re ready, you’ll log in and complete the exam online. All tests are open-book, but require higher-level thinking to answer questions.

Being a part-time student at ASU Prep Digital is convenient and challenging — giving you a taste of what learning at the college level is like, all from the comfort of your own home…or favorite coffee shop.

Typical Day for a Part-TIme Student

Full-Time Students:

A typical day as a full-time student is really similar to being a part-time student. If you’re taking 4 courses or more you can usually plan on an average of 5 hours of class-time per day. The great thing is that you can do this whenever and wherever you want. You may work a part-time job or play competitive sports and it’s easy to schedule your class work around your shifts and practice schedule.

Your daily routine consists of checking in with your success coach and teachers, as needed, to get a pulse on how your pacing your way through each course and working out the plan that you created at the beginning of the semester. Then balance your time between working through lessons, watching course videos and reading materials that relate to your subjects. You’ll have weekly live lessons with your teachers and you may even schedule a chat with them if you’re in need of additional help in a particular subject.

In a full-time environment, you will have the opportunity to collaborate with your peers on projects, develop products or business ideas, present them as part of your coursework, and even take virtual field trips to different countries (as part of your language course). Assessments are done throughout the semester and typically follow the pattern of a college term: quizzes, tests, mid-term exams, and finals.

Typical Day of a Full-Time Student

Every day is different and affords each student incredible opportunities to develop their leadership and critical thinking skills. Take a break when you need to. Meet a friend for lunch in between lessons – it’s totally up to you and when you work best. You literally get to set your own schedule and with the help of your teachers and success coach, you can customize an online learning experience that works for your life.

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