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Our Favorite Extracurricular Activities for Online Learners

Admit it—when you think about your high school days, you definitely remember the clubs you were part of more than you remember the specific lessons you learned in math class. Extracurricular activities are an important part of high school because they give students a chance to interact with their peers, develop important life skills and explore different interests outside of the classroom. Just like traditional schools, virtual schools also offer a variety of clubs for students to join.

05.21.2018 - Jamie Moran

How Online Clubs Help Students Connect with Their Peers

It is a common misconception that online high school students miss out on the socialization component that a traditional school offers. However, students are breaking down the digital barrier and proving that participating in online clubs actually enhances the socialization aspect of virtual schooling.

05.16.2018 - Tracy Hansen

How Students Interact and Gain Social Skills in Online Classrooms

Online education is different from traditional schooling in many ways. Class time is spent in front of a computer instead of in a classroom, and interaction between students and teachers usually happens with some degree of separation. Learning, especially in high school, is as much a social experience as it is an intellectual one, and some parents assume that online classes won’t provide the same social skills building opportunities as brick-and-mortar schooling.

05.10.2018 - Mike Kasper

How to Encourage Your Introverted Student to Engage Socially

We all remember how nerve-racking it was to try and make friends in high school. You would sit next to someone you thought looked friendly and strike up a conversation, hoping your efforts would be reciprocated. With online learning, this task gets a little tougher, especially for introverts. Because they don’t have to physically interact with their peers, it’s easy for introverted students to shy away from engaging socially outside of the online classroom.

05.07.2018 - Tracy Hansen

5 Myths About Socialization While Learning Online

As enrollment in online schools continues to grow, so do misconceptions about how students socialize in the world of online education. We took it upon ourselves to seek out five of the most common myths about socialization in online learning — and then debunked them.

05.03.2018 - Jill Rogier

Top 5 Summer Programs for High Schoolers in Arizona

In today’s future-focused world, high school summers are now seen as opportunities to rack up college credits and build skills, rather than to lounge on the couch. As the emphasis on a student’s personal journey expands, so do the options for immersive summer programs that keep students active while delivering some serious fun.

04.30.2018 - Stefanie Contreras

ASU Prep Digital CEO, Julie Young, Interviewed on the Discover Your Talent Podcast

Julie, started her career as a small classroom teacher. It was when her husband received a job transfer that she found herself in a new school. She asked for a computer, and ultimately that changed everything. This was the first step that launched Julie’s career of revolutionizing the K-12 Online Educational experience on a Global Scale. She is currently the Deputy Vice-President of Education Outreach and Student Services for Arizona State University and the CEO of ASU Prep Digital High School.

04.27.2018 - ASU Prep Digital