All Kids Can with ASU Prep Digital: the story of two brothers

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In the realm of education, the ASU Prep phrase “All Kids Can” encompasses the belief that every student, regardless of their individual needs and challenges, has the potential to thrive academically and reach their full potential. This sentiment is beautifully exemplified by ASU Prep Digital students and brothers, Austin and Gavin.

Austin, a high school junior with autism, and Gavin, an eighth grader ready to be academically challenged, said they weren’t getting what they needed from their traditional brick-and-mortar schools. The boys’ mom, Christene, said, “It wasn’t going to work—for either of the boys.” They decided to explore the flexibility of online school.

Christene and her husband Thomas, both Arizona State University graduates, decided to give ASU Prep Digital a chance. Christene shares, “Our first meeting with them was so awesome. Everybody is student-centered and parent-centered. They will do whatever it takes to help my kids.”

Fast forward four years and both boys are thriving on their educational journey.

Unleashing potential: Austin’s progress

Austin started ASU Prep Digital with significant developmental delays. His family knew he was capable of much more and with dedicated support and personalized guidance, he has shown incredible progress.

At the beginning, Austin relied heavily on his skill of rote memorization and repetition. However, after years of what Christene calls “intense educational therapy,” he has developed into an inquisitive learner who is able to ask thoughtful questions, paraphrase his online research, and even participate in discussion-based assessments.

Jessa Grant, Austin’s Learning Success Coach, shares that it is a joy to watch Austin blossom, adding,  “We’ve been able to think outside of the box and give Austin the tools that will help him learn.”

One of those tools is Austin’s nontraditional use of Rosetta Stone as part of his English curriculum. Often used to learn secondary languages, Austin is drawn to the program’s interactive visuals.​​ A highlight of ASU Prep Digital’s high-quality online program available to all students is the ability to rewatch lessons and resubmit assignments, which also helps Austin in his coursework.

Embracing challenge: Gavin’s growth

Meanwhile, Austin’s younger brother Gavin faces a different set of challenges. His mom describes him as extremely bright and like a sponge for information, having learned alongside his older brother. His mom said at his previous school, Gavin was bored. He was given a weekly worksheet for extra enrichment, and told to patiently wait for his classmates to catch up. His parents knew he needed more.

Following diagnostic assessments at ASU Prep Digital, Gavin was immediately placed in higher-level courses. Self-driven and independent, Gavin is happy to work ahead of deadlines, with limited parental oversight.

The family explains that they “were blown out of the water” by ASU Prep Digital’s environment of supportive, respectful, and collaborative communication that allowed Gavin to move ahead.

An approach to education that works

Austin and Gavin’s parents express their gratitude for ASU Prep Digital’s approach to education, which incorporates technology and a customized curriculum personalized to meet the unique needs of each student.

Rather than adhering to a one-size-fits-all approach, the educators at ASU Prep Digital recognize the importance of adapting teaching methods to suit individual learning styles. This commitment to tailoring education ensures that all students, regardless of their specific needs, have an equal opportunity to succeed.

“All students learn differently. They aren’t all the same, but they’re all capable,” says Grant. This philosophy resonates deeply with the school community, as they strive to create an inclusive environment where each student can reach their full potential.

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Austin and Gavin’s story highlights the significance of personalized education, supportive communities, and educators who are willing to go above and beyond to ensure that every child can succeed. With the right tools and support in place, “All Kids Can” at ASU Prep Digital.

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