How Do Online Classes Work?

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Can you believe it’s almost January? In between dreaming about winter break and finishing your classes strong, you’re probably starting to think ahead to next semester. If you’re trying to figure out how to juggle classes, a social life, and extracurriculars, we have a solution for you—online classes.

But how do online classes work?

We’re glad you asked. Unlike classes in a traditional high school setting, you won’t meet multiple times a week. Instead, you’ll meet once a week for a live lesson where you will be able to ask questions and participate in group discussions with your instructor and classmates. And if you’re wondering how the rest of your school week will go, that’s up to you.

Even though you’ll only meet once a week per class, you’ll still be responsible for completing assignments and studying independently throughout the week. But the best part is that you can do this anytime, from anywhere.

Online classes give you the freedom to create a schedule that fits your needs. This means you can do all of your work for one class in a single day, or divide it up among the week. It also means that you can factor in extra time for a class you’re struggling in or work ahead so you have time to practice the piano before a big recital.

You’ll be able to view your grades at any time, making it easy for you to make adjustments and meet with your instructors if you’re struggling. 

At ASU Prep Digital, you’ll also be assigned a Learning Success Coach. Your LSC will not only help you develop short- and long-term goals, but also work with you to create a personalized pathway that will take you through high school, into college, and on to a career. 

How does enrollment work?

If you’re interested in taking online classes, you can choose to enroll part-time or full-time. 

Part-time means that you would still take classes in a traditional school, but you would take one to three classes online, giving you the freedom to complete them at school in a lab or in the comfort of your home. 

Full-time means that you would be taking four or more classes online. This means you can complete your coursework anywhere, at any time, and not have to worry about physically going to school.

There has never been a better time to enroll in an online high school. From setting your own schedule to getting a head start on college, online learning is a great option for students who want to maximize their education.

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