What is a Learning Success Coach?

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ASU Prep Digital’s unique teaching model places the student at the center of an intricate web of multilayered support. Learning Success Coaches (LSCs) play several roles, including school counselor, academic advisor, college and career advisor, emotional support counselor, and academic coach. All ASUPD students are assigned an LSC upon enrollment.

  • The LSC monitors student progress daily, acting as a liaison between instructional staff and families. They call, text, or meet in Zoom with students to set goals and develop work plans to ensure success in courses.
  • The LSC provides a holistic perspective of the student’s overall course load. They support learners with course planning, college applications, and more.
  • While Learning Success Coaches are not tutors, they work closely with the instructional staff, collaborating to set attainable learning goals and identify challenges.
  • The LSC team collaboratively hosts a weekly homeroom to build community. They keep students up to date on school events and teach a curriculum based on social/emotional wellness, study skills, and college/career counseling.
  • LSCs coordinate events to keep students connected to one another. This includes Digital Recess, Career Spotlights, and local face-to-face events.