A Guide to Writing

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Written by Illia Solano

Sometimes, writing is hard. You might have no idea where to begin or what to write about. This could be for school, a text message, email, or just a personal thing. Whatever it is, writing is not that simple. Even though it might seem like it is.

In a couple of minutes, I will teach you how to write almost anything you need to know about writing (based on personal experiences, not applicable to everyone).


I think that getting an idea is one of the hardest things to do. It is easier when a prompt is provided and you just have to follow it. When you have to come up with an idea that fits the context of what you’re writing about out of thin air – things might get complicated. 

I know that I have spent hours staring at the ceiling trying to get an idea. My advice: stare at that ceiling and round up all those ideas. It doesn’t matter what they are. You’ll have a pool of ideas eventually. I normally find something that I can use, or at least fine-tune along the way.


After getting an idea, it is time to actually get started, not on the actual writing, that would be crazy! Though if you are on a deadline and you are running out of time, go for it. If not, I recommend organizing your thoughts on that idea[s].

You may brainstorm, have an outline, and draw your thoughts out. Whatever gets you to a point where you can say, “Yeah, we are good.”


Now, it is time to get into it. You have your idea and what you think you are going to say, it is time to actually say it by stringing a bunch of words together to form sentences that will form paragraphs that form pages.

Pages? How will I write pages? Even paragraphs?

Write. Literally, that is all I can tell you to do because there is no other way, no shortcut that can get you to the end without writing. You might want to procrastinate in the middle or take a break (please do!)  and that’s okay. Just keep on writing and you’ll have something at the end.

Writing is hard but anyone can do it. This is just how I approach writing anything!