Dealing with Mental Health

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Written by Kenya Sykes

This pandemic and this school year have caused me to face an unusual amount of stress. It’s normal to eventually feel stressed out with your workload. But this year has been on another level for me. A lot of the motivation that I used to have has disappeared and I find myself not wanting to do anything during the day. This could be due to depression from the pandemic, but it’s also a feeling of being overworked. This is unusual because my workload has been about the same as in other years. But for some reason, it feels about ten times heavier. And to be completely honest, it’s difficult to be positive right now. I wish that things were different but they’re not. I’m not trying to sound like a downer, but I do hope that this blog post helps someone feel seen.

I’m not going to fake some bright side or coping mechanism since I do not have one. But I at least want to make sure that people do not feel alone. So, I want people to be sure that they have someone in their corner at a time like this; even if we do not know each other. There are ways to overcome this feeling, or at least help yourself feel better for the time being. I have some tips that I use whenever I feel overwhelmed or overworked.

Tip #1

The first tip that I have for everyone is to divide up your workload. Planning out how much work you do per day is the easiest way to prevent stress. Doing this can help you give yourself more off days and free time. This time can be used for relaxation or outside work.

Tip #2

The second tip that I have for students is to communicate. Communication is very important for students to be heard and understood. Communication with your parents and teachers can help them understand why you may be struggling. We all know this is a very hard time, so I can imagine that some grace will be given to students who are having a hard time.

Tip #3

The last tip that I have for students is to find some source of entertainment. Whether it’s planning for your future, or creating a project for now, having something to distract yourself makes our situation a little more bearable. Really anything can help: watching television, talking to friends, exercising, baking, etc. are all great ways to keep yourself occupied. I hope that these tips help my fellow students.

I know that I am not the only one who is currently struggling. Supporting each other is the best thing that we can do.