My Unraveled Presentation

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Written by Illia Solano

My time in ASUPD’s Student Government has been really eventful these past couple of weeks. Many of you have probably heard or participated in one of their sponsored events. If you haven’t, today I’m going to give you a sneak peek into an exciting event that we are working on.

The Beginning

This all started at the beginning of this second semester. All participants were required to participate in a certain committee. I decided to join the “Unraveled Powerpoint Presentation” one, not fully knowing what I was getting myself into.

But when I figured it out… I was into it!

This event was based on a Youtuber’s videos, Brian Gilbert, that basically made a Powerpoint Presentation about whatever. It did not have to be real and it could be as subjective as anyone could imagine.

With this in mind, I started planning my presentation. It was going to be weird. It was going to be fun. It was going to be about something I loved.

My Presentation

I finally concluded that this presentation had to be extra. Because of this, I decided to make it about “Who Could be the Next Avatar: Cartoon Characters Edition.” If you don’t know what the Avatar is, no it isn’t those blue people. It’s a person who can bend earth, air, water, and fire from shows like Legend of Korra and Avatar the Last Airbender

It was perfect!

I chose 6 of the most subjective characters I could think of and went to work. My criteria went from being nice (?) to having a loose sense of morals for the greater good. My choices made unlikely characters reasonable heroes. 

I was proud of this weird presentation!

In Conclusion…

I don’t want to spoil anything, but let’s just say that the next Avatar can (will) most likely the all-knowing bilingual goddess: Dora.