Friendship Feels Just Out of Reach

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By Natalee Tygard

     Going to online school it may at times feel impossible to make friends. There are many challenges we students face when it comes to making friends. One of these challenges is getting contact information, I am sure almost all of us have been taught to keep our information private. Another problem is making sure the person you are befriending is authentic. Another inconvenience is distance, we may befriend someone who we later find out lives miles away. These things that we struggle with make it hard to get close to anyone!     Well, I am here to tell you that it is not hopeless. There are many ways for us to make friends. We can join clubs and make it a point to connect with everyone. We can talk to our classmates whenever we are in breakout rooms in class. One of the best ways is to attend live lessons, you would be surprised by how hard the teachers make it a point for us to be able to interact with one another. Another great way to connect is to attend homeroom. It is a great way to interact with and meet new people and in general just have some fun!      Now once we get into contact with someone, how do we move on from there? All you have to do to become friends is to ask. I am sure anyone you ask will say yes and would be happy to be friends with you. If you are feeling lonely one thing to remember is that other students are probably struggling with the same thing. Remember the trick is to just take the chance and ask!