Goodbye Seniors

Written by Illia Solano

Class of 2021!  

We are in the home stretch. The first semester is long gone and done. Our college applications are mostly done. We await the mermaid song that is: college acceptances.

That being said, we only have about 3 more months until we walk out of high school and head to college, or wherever life may take us. It still feels unbelievable that 4 years of our lives have come and, gone. But it’s true.

We are going to graduate.

But wait…

There is still a whole long second semester to go through before we can get our hands on that sweet sweet diploma. 

“Pfft, it’s the last semester. I can just chill and watch TV all day. My grades are already okay, so it doesn’t really matter.”


This last semester is our last chance to show colleges, and ourselves, what we are capable of. Yes, we all are tired. This year has had a LOT of challenges for our class. We didn’t have a normal senior year, and for some reason applying to colleges and scholarships while keeping our grades up was much harder. 

I get it.

But we just have to hold on a little longer. 

Let’s Make the Most of It!

Doing well in school is really important, but so is making connections and creating some memories. School is all about having the right motivation to do the work. Picture yourself in your college dorm having late-night chats with your roommates. Or maybe studying in the library with other students. Or, entering a bustling dining hall just in time for dinner. 

These are just some things we might be doing next year.

With that being said, that doesn’t mean we should just work, and never rest. Join clubs and meet people. ASUPD has tons of events that anyone can attend. Just last semester there was a talent show, a diversity talk, and a game night.

Seniors, it’s the last semester. I’m proud of all of us!