Motivation is a Struggle, and That is Okay

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Written by Billie Fechter

Motivation is something that has been on my mind repetitively this week. In the ASUPD student blog meetings, we discussed a topic to pick for our weekly topic meetings, and the motivation was the choice. This blog has been the most challenging blog for me to write ever. I don’t think I can do the topic of motivation justice because I am still working on being motivated myself.

Challenge Being a motivated person is a huge challenge in life. It’s hard to keep working hard; furthermore, if your actions aren’t adequately repaid or compensated for. My biggest struggle with motivation right now is this blog post. I am feeling the pressure this week of doing something “justice.” I wasn’t motivated to write this; however, I want to share my experience in my blog because I want everyone who might be feeling unmotivated to be heard.

It’s Okay It is okay not to be feeling motivated right now. This sentence has been a hard pill to swallow for me. I am typically a go-getting person and always chasing something. Not wanting to do something so badly is a new feeling for me. Quite frankly, I think it sucks. A big thing I had to learn this week was that this feeling was normal. It’s normal not to be motivated all the time. It is okay to accept that motivation is a struggle.

Tips When going through a motivation slump, the biggest tip I can give you is to reach out. I suggest reaching out to a loved one and talking about it. A simple conversation can make you feel more at ease. Reducing stress is essential for productivity, and productivity is vital for motivation.

YouI think we should all take a pledge to ourselves today. Today is the day we remember we are all human and not robots. Take time for yourself today. Talk to a friend and enjoy being you. Then I promise the motivation will come shortly after.