Capturing the Catalyst

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Written by Brooke Anderson

Motivation is the ever-elusive catalyst to all that moves us forward

It inspires and uplifts, but its mercurial nature ensures that it stays out of one’s grasp only at the most inconvenient of times (naturally)

As it ebbs and flows, it can often reach its peak just when one’s head hits the pillow

And even then, motivation chooses the subject of her focus somewhat haphazardly

While writing historical analyses might be a better use of time,

Motivation can sometimes cause its recipient to instead, conduct thorough research on the temperament of aquatic creatures or landscaping customs around the world


Although it can sometimes seem fleeting, motivation does not discriminate; it can be harbored by anyone who knows where to look

They might try setting their sights on:

The bigger picture

Old scribbles of plans and hopes for what’s to come

Familiar faces who’d be gladdened by the completion of the task at hand

And the satisfaction of realization


The next time motivation comes by,

Whether she announces her arrival boisterously

Or sneaks in through a back door,

Partner her with focus by looking in all her favorite places

And surely, she will sustain the pursuit of all aspirations