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Written by Natalie Mendoza

To be vulnerable is to be brave,A courage which many are too afraid to show;Many of us humans wonder –Will anyone accept us if we let our weaknesses be known?Will anyone care about us or will we be left all alone?There will always be one person who sees that you are beautiful.There will always be a kind person, despite the jerks hurling hateful words.To be vulnerable is to be strong,A way to let others peer into our minds;Many of us humans wonder –How can anyone understand what my life is like?How can anyone know what emotions I am experiencing in life?From having empathy and listening to the words that you are speaking.From having felt the feelings of not having experienced the experiences you’re experiencing.To be vulnerable is to be confident,A strength to share our emotions with both ourselves and the world;Many of us humans wonder –Why would anyone want to know how I feel?Why would anyone listen to the feelings I reveal?For the same reason you want to comfort others when they are feeling low.For the same reason you support others when they confide in you.– Natalie