Taking a Break

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Written by Elizabeth Pardhe

As the end of the semester draws near and finals and assignments pile up, it can be quite easy for one to become overwhelmed. However, it is important to be able to handle the stress of getting good grades, understanding the topics, and finishing all the work before the deadline. It is all too easy to throw yourself into your schoolwork and get burned out by the last day of school. One simple way to take a step back and avoid this is to take a break. Now, I know that sounds almost like an impossibility! How can you take a break when there is so much work to be done? Breaks, however, can help clear your mind and make you more productive. I like to either take a nap, have a snack, or go for a walk, as all options leave me feeling a bit refreshed. Getting enough sleep is an excellent way to take care of your brain and maximize productivity. Eating something nutritious and exercising or doing other physical activities are vital for good health. With online school, it is easy to remain in the same sitting position for hours and forget to eat. Getting up and simply moving around can help your blood circulation, while a simple snack can help you focus better. I also like to read books or be creative in my free time, and I enjoy working on arts and crafts projects as they are a great way to relax while also making something beautiful or useful. As the semester finishes up, I hope you can all see the benefits of taking a break.