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7 Courses That All Aspiring Entrepreneurs Should Take in High School

Becoming an entrepreneur isn’t the easy path, but it can certainly be rewarding. The business world is vastly different now than it was 10, or even five, years ago. In this digital age, starting a business doesn’t look the way it did for our parents. More people are trading in the traditional corporate path and opting to start their own companies instead.

02.05.2018 - Jill Rogier

Saddling Up for a Different Kind of School

ASU Prep Digital’s slate of online classes gives high schoolers room to move fast, to heal — and even to rope a few calves The chickens are clucking and the sun has yet to emerge over the cotton fields around Coolidge, Arizona,…

02.01.2018 - ASU Prep Digital

Old Enough: Why Age Doesn’t Matter

Everyone has heard of students who have transcended the boundaries of age: the high schooler who starts her own business, the middle schooler who enrolls in online high school courses, the retiree who gets her high school diploma. These paradigm-breakers resist the traditional age expectations assigned by the year they were born.

01.19.2018 - Amy McGrath

The Concurrent Enrollment Experience

High school has evolved since the days of our parents. We no longer have to follow the same track. Our schooling isn’t limited by old notions that high school means following a traditional curriculum. In fact, many students are discovering that they can get a head start on college by taking concurrent enrollment classes while still in high school.

01.11.2018 - Stefanie Contreras

A Day in The Life of an ASU Prep Digital Student

So you’re thinking about enrolling in college classes online, as a high school student? You may have questions about how this new process will work within your current reality. What can you expect your day to look like as a part-time and full-time ASU Prep Digital student?

01.02.2018 - ASU Prep Digital

Own It!

One of the most crucial decisions you’ll make when starting your college career is quite literally, where to start. This can be incredibly overwhelming for high school students, trying to pick from hundreds of college majors and thousands of potential careers.

01.01.2018 - ASU Prep Digital

Our Teaching Model

One of the biggest fears people have when considering an online education is that “students are all alone.” And we hear you. It’s true that 100% of coursework is online and it can be done from virtually anywhere, but despite the persistence of the myth… you’re certainly not on your own.

01.01.2018 - ASU Prep Digital

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#1 choice of international students - Institute of International Education, 2018
Top 10 in the U.S. for Silicon Valley hires
Ahead of Cornell, MIT and UCLA
- Quartz Media, 2017
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Top 1 percent of world’s most prestigious universities - Times Higher Education, 2018
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ASU Ahead of Stanford and MIT
- U.S. News & World Report 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019