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Elementary School Program

Grades K-5

Our online elementary school program provides families with the opportunity to access a world-class education from the comfort and safety of home. We combine hands-on activities with online lessons to create an engaging experience personalized to your child’s needs. Parents collaborate with our certified teachers to support student success and foster curiosity in a project-based model that encourages students to work ahead at their own pace.

Remote Teachers

We’re a Different Kind
of Online School

Like most online schools we have a flexible schedule that allows students to work anytime, any place. But we’re also a world-class university with the technology and teaching resources that make our student experience unique.

  • A model that surrounds students with support and creates a warm, safe space where they can be vulnerable enough to take risks in their learning
  • Real collaboration between parents and teachers
  • A Learning Success Coach is assigned to help students focus on the future, pursue passions and develop a vision for the type of student they want to be
  • Engaging curriculum that combines the best of online and offline, hands-on activities in layers of learning that foster deeper discovery
  • Personalized one-on-one instruction

The ASU Elementary Student Experience

Live Lessons

Each day includes live lessons with an online teacher

Watch Video

Whole Class Time

This includes discussion, community building and learning

Small Group Time

Reading, project check-in, tutoring and targeted instruction

Individual Time

One-on-one instruction, knowledge checks and support

Study Time

Students work on the computer and complete offline activities

Parental Guidance

Parents serve an active role as a learning guide throughout the day

Sample Activities Calendar Grades K-5

Daily Class Huddle

8:00-8:40 (sample times, subject to change)

We start the day by getting the whole class together for a live video home room session on Zoom. This is designed to build community, foster student friendships, improve social and emotional learning, and share in a mini inquiry lesson to get those thinking caps warmed up.

Get Your Wiggles Out

8:40-9:00 (sample times, subject to change)

Time for students to organize their supplies for the day, grab a snack and get ready for the first live lesson.

Language Arts Live Lesson

9:00-9:45 (sample times, subject to change)

Monday is English Language Arts day which means it’s time for our story of the week. These mini lessons cover reading comprehension, vocabulary, phonics, fluency, grammar, and anything else that helps little language learners. Other days of the week feature different subjects.

Zen & Zest

9:45-10:00 (sample times, subject to change)

A chance for relaxing, restroom breaks, royal robot battles and giving someone a hug.

Sun Devil Learning Time

10:00-11:15 (sample times, subject to change)

Check your weekly/daily goals, this is the time for independent learning, personalized learning on adaptive software, collaborative group projects, live learning in small groups or one-on-one teacher time.

Big Break Lunch

11:15-11:45 (sample times, subject to change)

Run. Rest. Refocus.

Sun Devil Learning Time

11:45-1:45 (sample times, subject to change)

Similar to the morning Sun Devil Learning Time, this is a student’s chance to work independently, in small groups or one-on-one with the teacher.


1:45-2:15 (sample times, subject to change)

What makes this time so special? It’s a chance for students to pursue their passions, whether that’s music, art, athletics, or something else.


2:30-3:30 (sample times, subject to change)

This is optional time for students to participate in clubs. Our clubs are driven by student interest and change each semester.

How do I enroll or learn more?

We are currently enrolling students. You can begin the enrollment process by filling out an online application.

Want to learn more and have the chance to ask questions? Join us for an online information session where we’ll dive into the details. Follow the link below to a calendar where you can choose a date that works best.