3 Tips to Kick Lack of Motivation

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Written by Aubrie Buldain

We’ve all been there. You’re trying to sit at your laptop and get some work done when all of a sudden something hits you, the sweet feeling of lack of motivation. Now, although it may be easy to say never mind and completely give up on your tasks, you know that you have a due date for this assignment in a day. It’s now or never for you to get this work completed. It’s easy to have that happen, isn’t it? One minute you’re motivated for school, writing down notes, and the next, you’re just wanting to stop working and do anything else but work. The good thing is that you’re not alone in these feelings, and there are actually ways to help kick this lack of motivation you may be experiencing.

1. Tell Yourself Reasons You Want to Continue with SchoolThink of reasons that would motivate you to continue with school work. For some, their motivation may come from attending college in the next couple of years, because they want to graduate early or because they want to get a certain grade for the quarter. Whatever the reason is, tell yourself that reason so you can continue even when it may feel hard to.

2. Two Big goals, Three Small Goals This has always been a lifesaver for me, and that’s setting two big goals a week and then three small goals a day. Studies show that setting goals can improve your work performance 20-25% more. This drive to reach these goals will keep you motivated, and when you do hit them, it will motivate you to create new goals for the future.

3. Call a Friend Call a friend to do work with you. Whether it’s studying for the latest test or even if you just need someone on facetime to keep you on track, do it! Studies show that even just feeling like you’re a part of a team can “dramatically increase our motivation to complete difficult tasks.” Next time you have those feelings that you don’t want to get anything done, just remember it’s normal, and it happens even to the best of us. Just keep your head up, and know that there is always a way to kick a lack of motivation.

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