A Day in the Life of an ASUPD Student

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Written by Brooke Anderson

I’ve never experienced the shock of a defibrillator. But I imagine it’s similar to the mini heart attack I get each morning when my alarm goes off (or maybe not). Despite that abrupt little jumpstart to my energy, I always enjoy starting my day by listening to my favorite song. Now, being a teenager, it’s very important to sit and stare at the ceiling for a minute or two. It helps the grogginess and aversion to sunlight fade away. After that I emerge from my lair to desperately scavenge for nutrients in the grim world. I find oats, and rush to create a masterpiece. In other words, I go to the kitchen to make some microwavable oatmeal.

After a hearty, and not at all dramatic breakfast, I get started on my school work. The subject that I work on usually depends on the day. Today my sights are set on English and Spanish. This year English is about British literature. Our lessons are usually centered around a specific piece of literature and followed by an assignment for each one. For example, we recently had an assignment where we were asked to analyze Winston Churchill’s “Sinews of Peace” speech and determine why the former world leader was, and still is, such a well-renowned orator.

Since ASUPD offers students so much flexibility with one’s daily schedule, I’m able to do things like volunteer in the middle of the school day. Today I’m working with a virtual program that helps ESL students with their speaking skills! The opportunity to have a flexible schedule is so great. I’m very thankful that ASUPD offers this.

After some virtual volunteering and a quick break, I get back to work and shift my focus from English to Spanish. I don’t want to show off too much, but mi clase es muy interesante (for the sake of my grades I would like to clarify that that was a joke). I’m currently enrolled in a concurrent Spanish course at ASU. I know many people think that there is less involvement and interaction in online school, especially in college, but that hasn’t been the case at all. The instructors, whether they’re with the high school or the university, are all very involved and always willing to help! (Thank you so much!) For example, today I met with my instructor and some classmates for a speaking-based assignment.

Once Spanish is taken care of, I do a few assorted tasks for other classes and wrap up school for the day. There is still ample time for attempting to cook new dishes, doing chores, spending time with family, picking up new hobbies, working part-time, learning the piccolo and building rockets. Am I exaggerating? Yes, absolutely. But the point is that there is still plenty of time for personal activities after school is done.

Finally, as the day comes to a close and as the sun sinks out of view, I too, wind down and get ready for night. I lay down and run through my mental to-do list until the rest of me relaxes and suddenly it all becomes hazy. Peaceful sleepers everywhere doze off as the next day comes crawling closer. The world remains quiet until familiar sounds of alarm clocks remind them that it’s time to do it all again.