Flexibility of Online School

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Written by Gideon Batai

Eight years ago, my family moved from Chicago, Illinois, to Tucson, Arizona. In many ways, I’ve thrived with the change. But one of the major drawbacks of the move was visiting with my mom’s side of the family. They live in southwestern Michigan, and it’s very difficult to visit them from Tucson.

Getting Started with Online School

My sisters and mother went on a road trip from Tucson to Michigan about two years ago. They visited our family, enjoyed the snow, and enjoyed some delicious homemade meals. To my agony, I wasn’t able to go. I was still enrolled in in-person school, and leaving school for two weeks simply wasn’t an option. We could’ve lied, but my parents weren’t willing to. At the beginning of the 2020-2021 school year, I enrolled at ASU Prep Digital, which is completely online. So when we got the chance to travel to Michigan this month, I jumped on it. I had spent the last few weeks getting ahead on assignments to ensure I wouldn’t have to stress over due dates while I was away. Getting months ahead wouldn’t have been an option at an in-person school.


Right now, I’m writing this in a rocking chair in my grandma’s living room, looking out at her snowy yard. (It’s 28 degrees outside!) The flexibility to be able to drive 2,000 miles across America in three days and staying halfway across the nation and still being enrolled in school is a wonderful opportunity for me. And it’s not just the students who enjoy the flexibility at ASU Prep Digital. My math teacher is married to a professional bicyclist, and they travel all around the world to races and competitions.

An Amazing Oppertunity

For some students, in-person school is the best option for maximizing learning. However, for students who are able to learn remotely, online school is an amazing opportunity to attend school with a flexible schedule. Students come to ASU Prep Digital from all across the world, and many student regularly travel with their families. Flexibility like this is one of the main reasons I enjoy attending ASU Prep Digital.