Global Leadership Exchange Changed My Outlook on the World

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Written by Billie Fechter

Global Leadership Exchange is a course offered here at ASU Prep Digital that I had the honor of taking during its first cohort. During this course, you interact with students from morocco, creating a project together and overall collaborating across cultures. This course allowed me to see how potentially another walk of life lives.

I come from a privileged background. I have never had to worry about if my water is clean, if I’ll freeze or overheat indoors, and overall struggles of getting basic needs. The morocco students are kindhearted individuals who willingly share different aspects of their stories. I learned about their religions, customs, and even a bit of their language. The most gratifying thing I learned is how we are all human. We may come from different places with different ideas, but we all laughed, smiled, and had similar interests.

My favorite memory from Global Leadership Exchange was doing group work with students from Morocco. We combined all of our ideas to create a beautiful masterpiece when we worked together. My Moroccan friends and I all shared a passion for music. We would listen to our favorite songs and jam out to tunes. You would not believe the dance parties you can have over zoom!

I would recommend this course to anyone because you will never get this experience again. Everyone in this program has an open mind about traveling and conversing. You don’t find that everywhere; furthermore, you never find that when you travel. I have had the privilege of leaving my state many times to travel abroad, but the cross-cultural connections I made during global leadership mean more to me.

Global Leadership Exchange is a course more people should take advantage of this opportunity. Attend an info session, read about the class, or jump right in. I promise you will not regret it.