Lucid Dreaming is Wild

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Written by Illia Solano

Sleep is amazing (well…when we get those 8 hours or so). We spend almost a third of our lives sleeping. This activity can be relaxing, restorative, and even fun. Because dreams are wild, especially lucid dreams.

But why pray tell would I say such things about lucid dreams?

That is because lucid dreams are unlike normal dreams. 

So, what is it?

Lucid dreams are those dreams in which you, the dreamer, are aware of your dreams and can potentially control them. I like to think of this as having a playground where literally anything can happen. 

Being able to lucid dream makes me feel like Thanos when he says that he can, “Shape reality as [he] sees fit.” But in this case I am not a purple giant who likes to wear just one gauntlet instead of a pair. Aside from that, there are no limits.

How is this possible?

To be completely honest, I have no idea. It comes naturally to me. Every now and then I gain awareness while I sleep. This leads me to partying with my favorite artists’ to winning the Hunger Games after successfully hiding from the whole competition. 

I don’t usually create a whole scenario. I guess my brain lays the groundwork and I get to play with it however I want to.

Anyone can do it

Just because it comes naturally to me, doesn’t mean that only certain people can do it.


I’ve read that people can actually train themselves to lucid dream. There are many ways to do so, depending on the person. It is up to you, which one works for you.

Like, yeah, it takes longer than just having it, but the results are worth it.