Tips for New Online Learners

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Written by Kenya Sykes

This pandemic has caused us all to adjust to some changes. Whether you were an online learner before this pandemic or not, everyone has had to get used to the change. I have seen many teenagers discuss how online learning has been difficult for them, and that they do not know what to do. Luckily, I have been an online student for over a year now. I have created a list of tips that should help any high school student.

#1. Personalize your schedule:

The average schedule for most students is from about 8 AM to about 3 PM. Well, this does not work for everyone. Myself included. I find that it is easier for me to sit down and focus during the evenings. Whenever you find yourself to be the most active in the day, take advantage of that time and get some work done.

#2. Pay close attention to your grades:

It’s important to check your grades every day. Since we rely on technology, there could easily be technical issues that hold you back. So, check your grades every day and always read your teacher’s feedback.

#3. Divide up your course load:

We have recently just transitioned from weekly grades to quarterly grades, so staying on top of all of your work is very important. The best tip that I can give is counting all assignments for each class. Then, divide them by how many weeks until they are due. This helps me avoid falling behind with my school work.

#4. Watch the live lessons:

I am aware that attending live lessons may be a hassle for many students, but it is the recommendation. We may have other scheduled activities or events that take up that time. However, it’s still important to watch them. Most teachers record their live lessons and upload them to their Canvas page. So, set aside some time to catch up with your live lessons.

#5: Pace yourself:

Try avoiding burning yourself out. Taking on too much work at once can be very stressful. One way that I avoid this is by completing classwork for 1-2 classes per day. No more than that. This helps me stay organized and stress-free with my course load.

#6 Take Breaks:

This may be the most important tip there is. Not giving yourself time to relax and recharge is the quickest way to burn yourself out. Always give yourself at least a few hours every day to relax and not worry about school work. Watch some television, read a book, go for a walk, exercise, draw, etc. However, do NOT let this lead to procrastination. Because procrastination leads to even more stress from work piling on.

#7. Reach Out to Your Teachers:

Your teachers understand how difficult this time is for students. Many students do not perform their best with online work. Contacting your teachers for help is a must when struggling. They are there to help you learn and get you through the school year. Do not be afraid to contact them, but of course, always be courteous of their time!

#8. Take Advantage of Extra Time:

If you find that you have more free time than you originally anticipated, take advantage of it. Working ahead can free up more time in the future. This way you can take days or even weeks off. But do not add so much work that you stress yourself out. Your well-being should always come first.

#9. Stay organized:

Staying organized could have a few different meanings. This could mean staying on top of your notes, keeping your workspace clean, setting a schedule, and so on. Staying organized can benefit how you feel mentally. It can help with things like brain fog or clutter. How we take care of our outside space can reflect how we feel on the inside.

#10. Socialize:

It has been rather difficult to get very much human interaction with the current pandemic, but you should at least try to interact with people as much as possible. You can do this by being interactive in your live lessons, joining student clubs, or just reaching out to your fellow students. Also, you could reach out to people you know in your real-life like your friends or family. I would recommend texting at least two people who you have not connected with in a while at least once a week.