Tips for New Online School Students During the COVID-19 Pandemic

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Starting off, to everyone going through the pandemic of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) right now, keep it up, you are strong! This may not feel like it’s ever going to end or that life will return to “normal” again, but the best piece of advice I have is to stay hopeful and optimistic (I understand how you feel, I barrel race and all the rodeos/jackpots got canceled sadly). Find ways to stay productive and do things that make you happy. Although, please understand, that staying home as much as possible and social distancing yourself, are the best ways to prevent getting and spreading the virus.

As a student enrolled here at ASU Prep Digital, I am fortunate enough to continue my regular school routine, as all my schoolwork is done online. I am still able to attend live lessons, meet with a teacher for help through Zoom, attend online clubs, access my modules, check grades, etc. Students in brick-and-mortar schools are struggling during this time, finding themselves asking questions such as:

“When am I going back to school?”
“Is there going to be prom?”
“Is there going to be graduation?”
“Can I still take the SAT, ACT, or the end-of-the-year exams?”
And many, many other questions that may never get answered.

At ASUPD, there has been an influx of new students due to schools being shut down. I’m aware that a majority of them came from the public school environment and are probably having a hard time adjusting (as I was when I first started doing online school). So with that being said, I’ve gathered up some wisdom and advice for all the newcomers.

My Top Tips

Here are my top tips for doing school/work online (these are only suggestions, take my advice with a grain of salt and find what works best for YOU!):

Create a routine that works (this can be: waking up at a certain time, doing schoolwork at a certain time, etc)
Create a school schedule that works (personally, I do 1 class per day. You can also split up assignments in different classes per day, use block scheduling, etc. But make sure you’re productive and getting work done)
Find ways to motivate yourself to work (an example of this would be: the Pomodoro Method, which is used for better time management by rewarding yourself for completing assignments)
Pick a software that you’ll be doing assignments in (Microsoft, Google Docs, or any software with documents that can be saved later, I use Microsoft but please be aware you do need a subscription for it)
Try to attend most of the live lessons (Information in there can help you with assignments and tests. if you absolutely cannot make it, they are recorded and posted on the course homepage)
Play games in each unit for extra help (some teachers will provide a link, if available)
Use your Unit Study Guides for tests & DBAs (if available)
Prepare for DBAs (again if available, use the Unit Study Guide and play Unit games)
Take notes if you need to (some classes you can just refer back to the unit lessons, live lessons, or study guides)
Take breaks (don’t feel like you need to be productive 24/7, it’s ok to take breaks every once in a while!)

These are all the tips I have for now. Do not feel like you need to be 100% productive all the time! It’s okay to slow down and do other activities if you feel stuck or unmotivated. Sometimes it is better to just relax and take a moment for yourself. Always reach out to your LSC, teachers, or even your peers for help. They are here for you! Thank you for your time reading, I hope I gave you some useful information about how you can implement some of these tips in your online school journey and ease your mind a little.