Types of Humor

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Written by Illia Solano


I feel like a person’s humor plays a big role in their personality and how they are perceived. Like, do they have really witty jokes that get people every time? Or do they just have plain old dad jokes or puns at the ready?

Whatever the case, here are the types of humor that I am familiar with. I will also provide commentary for each (as you do).

Humor Humor

Let’s start with the most basic type of humor there is. I call this “humor humor” because this is the type of hilarity that can be about anything and that any person will get. The most basic form for this is situational humor humor. This is when someone says a joke or does something funny based on what they are doing/where they are/etc. These in-the-moment quips deserve a gold star for me. 10/10

Topical Humor Humor

The next level of this, which does require a little more knowledge about the world, is topical humor humor. People who are up to date with the news, or pop culture, are experts in this field. A lot of sketch comedy shows, like SNL, play with topical humor humor. A lot of satire is used to make their audience laugh.

More recently, TikTok users have taken an active role in this type of comedy. A lot of users mix pop culture events with relatable content that is sure to make viewers laugh. Because of the amazing segue, the humor “relatability” has given me, I will rate topical humor humor 10/10.

Relatable Humor

In the end, I think that humor that people can relate to is the most successful kind of humor. Laughing about shared experiences, especially embarrassing ones, are great ways to release what we were feeling in the moment. I give it 11/10 because I’m biased. 


I hope you enjoyed my weird rant about humor.

Humor is a beautiful thing. It can connect people together. Everyone has their own sense of humor. Some people might like it, some might not. But the important thing is just to enjoy yourself and live in the moment.