How Dogs Help with Stress

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Written by Samantha Ducharme

Feeling Stressed?

Do you ever walk around and feel like you have a big weight on your shoulders knowing you have a lot of work to do? Well, don’t worry because there are so many ways to cope with stress and one of those things is a number one favorite, dogs! Dogs are cute and loveable and very comforting. And actually, studies have shown that dogs relieve stress because a lot of the time the interaction between a human and a dog is positive. They especially help during exams, homework, and tests.  

Dealing with Stress in a Positive Way

Many schools have dogs come on campus to help destress students and help them overcome finals week. This is very helpful and shows many benefits with students attitudes during these hard times and lifts them up. So if you’re ever feeling stressed out or just need a little happiness maybe find a dog at a shelter and play with them cause they need happiness too!