welcome to the forest

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Written by Grace Brown

welcome to the forest.

yes, the sky seems dark and grey

and the animals scurry with worry

as you walk along the way.


the trees surround and trap you.

your eyes they start to fall

as the darkness of the forest

engulfs you in it all.


too much pressure, too much fear

of this place you do not know

and what lurks beneath the shadows

is the only thing untold.


welcome to the forest

yes, we know it’s hard to handle

the trust you put in others

are the ones that leave you shattered.


this forest holds a variety of 

different people’s different laughs,

different thoughts, and different judgements.

please keep along your path.


don’t focus on the fluff,

just focus on your goal.

ignore the drama of the forest

it gets a little old.


welcome to the forest

yes, we’ve been through it before.

we know how hard the journey is

but it’s not something to abhor.


embrace this special part of life,

it’s here for a good purpose.

make it count and make memories;

that’s the whole point of this forest.


this forest may be worrisome

and yes, this forest can be cruel

please keep along your path

because this unique forest is school.