World Ballet Day

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By: Caroline Livingston


Happy World Ballet Day!

The dance community is celebrating the 9th year of World Ballet Day events. This year it is hosted by the Royal Opera House and the Australian Ballet. Bolshoi Ballet is not involved in hosting this year and is not live-streaming events. Over 60 ballet companies are involved and will be having virtual and in-person events today to share their love for the art. Organizations, including POINTE Magazine, are sharing how to get involved.

For a little bit of history, ballet is an art form traced back to the 15th century during the Italian Renaissance. It is traditionally broken up into six methods and four styles. Methods include the French School, Vaganova, Cecchetti, Bournonville, and Royal Academy of Dance. Additionally, the four styles are recognized as Romantic, Contemporary, Neoclassical, and Classical. Classical is further broken down into traditional, French, Russian, and Italian ballet techniques. Currently, almost 200 ballet companies are outside the US, and over 160 are operating in the US. 

Ballet is a worldwide community that is constantly adapting and changing. While we still hold onto the same basis that started centuries ago, new artists and shows constantly emerge, building the ever-growing repertoire. Infamous names in the ballet community, Pavlova, Fonkine, and Balanchine, have paved the way for people like Misty Copeland, Tiler Peck, and Indiana Woodward, the new generation of dancers who will one day be company owners and choreographers.

Jarryd Madden, Senior Artist at the Australian Ballet has a quote featured on saying, “It’s the part of ballet you don’t see when you go to a ballet and shines the light on what ballet is.” Ballet may be stereotyped as twirling around the stage and tutus, but World Ballet Day is a chance to pull back the curtain on what the dance is and how it impacts millions worldwide.  

Even if you’re not a dancer, you can still get involved by watching live events and learning more about ballet. This year, celebrate with your studio and your dance family!

Photos taken by: Natalli Ellsworth and Annabelle Jentz