Your Story

By Faith Jang


A story, a tale, remembered, told.
It carries all, both young and old.
With such a letter, the message bold.
Such tales that it shall forever hold.

To write another story, your own.
To get it out there, to be known.
All that is needed is you alone
-And the skills created to hone.

Tell your story with heavy might,
Power that guides ancient the night,
For your words, the guiding light,
Was always your destiny, a birthright.

Carve a path that continues on.
Even if memory of you is long gone.
For this tale, your words, they fawn.
With all of these tales you drawn.

So pick up the pen or sword if prefer.
Because in the end, none can differ,
This is the outcome for you to deliver.
In what is now time’s endless river.