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Teacher Training

Arizona Virtual Teacher Institute

ASU Prep Digital has created the Arizona Virtual Teacher Institute to help Arizona teachers thrive in the new reality where online instruction is a part of every school plan.

This training is provided at no cost to schools or teachers through the generous investment of the Arizona Department of Education, the Governor’s Office, Helios Education Foundation and Arizona State University.

Check the Training Calendar for dates and details.

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Remote Teachers

Free Professional Development for Every Teacher

The training institute was designed to help Arizona teachers not just survive but thrive in adopting new digital, blended, hybrid, and tech-rich instructional practices. Topics include:

Best practices in online instruction and communication • Online curriculum • Learning management system • Live lessons • Supporting students with special needs • Creating supplemental resources and customizations • Monitoring student progress • Building social presence • Social and emotional learning in an online environment • Teaching time and stress management

Arizona teachers can earn rewards for completing any AZVTI session or referring their peers.

Training Portal

New Training Courses & Resources

Check out the new training resource portal, where you can find asynchronous online professional development courses along with a library of free training resources—recorded live sessions, downloadable templates, etc. Just create a free account to get started today.

math teacher

Personalized for Schools

We are offering a flexible menu of options that allows teachers to participate in multiple training sessions each month. School leaders can specify requirements for their staff, let teachers choose, request a special session for their school, or offer a combination of free choice and required sessions.

In addition to live offerings, we will offer asynchronous content delivered monthly to your inbox that includes opportunities to earn PD hours, via assessments, at your own time and pace.

To discuss a customized training for your school, schedule a call with one of our school partnership representatives.

Leverage the flexibility of online learning for your staff.

Sync Sessions

Live webinars or Communities of Practice offered 5 days a week throughout the 2020-21 school year.

On-Demand Video and Resources

Watch previous webinars, and access learning content, readings, and other materials for just-in-time support.

Professional Learning Communities

We facilitate training and dialogue that allows teachers from across the state to connect and share best practices.

Resource Hub for Teacher and Systems Leaders

ASU’s Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College curates free online leadership resources that address key instructional and managerial challenges faced by schools.

Customized School-Based Sessions

Choose from a menu of teacher training sessions that will address your specific local needs. Available 5 days a week, plus Saturday.

Leadership Huddles for School and System Leaders

Mount rapid responses using expert peer insight. ASU’s Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College facilitates regular, fast-moving virtual meetings for systems and school leaders to share right-now challenges and crowd-source solutions.

Upcoming Events

Teacher viewing computer

Summer Bootcamp -
Ed Tech Essentials: Creation with Digital Tools

The intersection of technology and education allows teachers to deepen opportunities for student engagement and collaboration in the classroom. Digital tools have given educators a way to create innovative, attractive content. Far from the days of static slide shows, today’s presentation tools easily allow the creation of interactive videos that students will want to watch. In this session, participants will gain hands-on experience creating ed tech tools for their classrooms. From presentations to podcasts, participants will have a chance to work with various tools to prepare for the upcoming school year.

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Summer Bootcamp -
Teaching Shakespeare with Purpose: A Student-Centered Approach

Teachers will analyze together ways that Shakespeare study can meet the learning preferences of 21st century students, supporting their critical and creative growth. Participants will gain strategies for close reading, embodied learning, investigating historical contexts, and multiple modes of writing. Asynchronous work will include opportunities for “watch parties” viewing and discussing different productions and multimedia adaptations. Participants will complete the workshop with a useful framework and bounteous resources for building successful units of study in both online and in-person teaching contexts.

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Summer Bootcamp -
Next-Gen Learning Models

Next-Gen Learning Models blend technology and differentiated learning experiences to personalize learning for all students. In this series, participants will explore various instructional models and innovative practices that engage, challenge, and inspire students to become active participants in their own learning process. Each session will have built-in planning time, so you will leave with concrete strategies to enhance your classroom instruction that are aligned with your instructional goals.

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Math Institute

Collaborate with fellow K-12 Arizona math teachers during monthly virtual training sessions that harness strategies, best practices and research to nurture a math mindset in students. Topics include:

  • Fostering a Math Growth Mindset Culture
  • Best Practices in Co-Teaching Mathematics
  • Creating Space for Math Learning and Supporting Meaningful Discourse
  • Inquiry Mindset and Fostering Active Learning
  • Maintaining Challenge and Cognitive Demand
  • Embracing Productive Struggle
  • The Importance of Mistakes in Math Learning
  • And more

Visit the training calendar and register for free.

Training That Tackles Your Toughest Challenges

It’s a new school year and a new day in online learning. Last year, many of us faced unprecedented challenges. Teachers led the charge in keeping our students engaged in their studies—and that’s something to be incredibly proud of. As we enter the next semester, we’re continuing to address your unique challenges by offering training sessions that tackle topics most important to you, including:

  • Social-Emotional Learning
  • Learning Recovery & Unfinished Learning
  • Teacher Wellness 
  • Engaging Reluctant and Struggling Learners
  • Supporting Gifted Learners
  • Cooperative Learning
  • The Power of Feedback
  • Understanding Dyslexia
  • Arizona & ACT Test Prep
  • And More

To register, visit the training calendar for dates and times.

Customize Your Professional Development

Personalize a training program to suit your needs. Choose from online or in-person sessions designed to help you thrive in the virtual and blended learning environments. Topics include:

  • Online & Virtual Learning Best Practices
  • Hybrid/Blended Learning
  • Live Lesson Engagement
  • Time Management & Work/Life Balance
  • Standards for Online Learning
  • Supporting Needs of Diverse Learners
  • Academic Integrity and Authentic Assessment
  • Social & Emotional Learning
  • And More

Sessions can be arranged for small groups or entire schools and districts. To start planning your custom training session, please contact Alison Hernandez at

How do I learn more about Arizona Virtual Teacher Training?

To learn more about all our professional development offerings or to discuss a customized training for your school, contact one of our school partnership representatives.