How to Convince Your Kid to Take a Summer Course

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You know the drill. Your kids come running through the door after the last day of school and everything changes. Evenings once spent huddled around the kitchen table working on class projects are now filled with video games and binge-watching television. Family conversations about newly learned topics are replaced with scrolling through social media and taking a puzzling amount of selfies. How do you get your teen to trade in their phone for a textbook during their beloved off-time? Here are five ways you can position summer courses as a fun activity rather than an eye-rolling bore.

Summer courses are an excuse for your teen to see more of their friends.

Most teens love a packed social calendar. It can feel like your home has a revolving door! What if you could give your kids two thumbs up whenever they asked to see their friends? By convincing pals to join along in summer classes, your teen is guaranteeing hang time while you secure study time. Studying with friends is proven more beneficial than studying alone. It’s a win-win!

Not only can summer school up your teen’s GPA, it can also make summer more fun!

Would you like to see your teen’s GPA kicked up a notch? Create a grade point goal together that adds plenty of incentive for your student. Whether it’s a fun activity, new gadget or cash, providing a reward will keep your teen hungry to impress you. When the goal is reached, you have a fun reason to celebrate together. Tip: By completing classes online with programs like those offered by ASU Prep Digital, your teen can work on boosting grades from the comfort of the couch.

Summer classes can inspire your teen to pursue their greatest passions.

If your child is on the fence about taking a summer class, try exploring classes that tickle your teen’s curiosity. Instead of predictable courses like math or English, test their interest in a foreign language, music, or art class. You might light a passionate fire in your teen that would have otherwise never been discovered. And through concurrent enrollment, they can earn college credit, to boot.

Taking classes during the summer can send a teen off to college early.

Is your teen eager to throw that graduation cap in the air and head to college?  By earning credit over the summer, your child is one step closer to high school graduation. Colleges will respect your student’s academic commitment, too. The number of acceleratory summer school participants is increasing all over the country, but especially in areas where college admittance is competitive. Summer classes bring your student one step closer to a college campus (and your house one step closer to some well-earned peace and quiet).

Use summer school as an excuse to bond with your children.

Summer classes don’t have to be a wedge between you and your teen. Instead, use the experience as an opportunity to grow closer as peers. This article from CNN notes, “Too often, learning is about having the ‘right’ answer, and adults are the keepers of knowledge. Instead of always being the expert, be an explorer with your kid and let them teach you along the way.” Find topics that neither of you are savvy about and attend classes that allow you to learn together. Teens are notorious for pushing parents away, so this creates a special time for just the two of you.

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