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Have you ever wondered how forensic scientists test substances collected at crime scenes? Or how oil spills occur? If you’re naturally curious and always searching for answers to some of life’s biggest scientific questions, our chemistry course is for you!

Introductory Chemistry, an ASU Prep Digital course powered by Smart Sparrow, teaches the fundamentals of chemistry by engaging you through scientific thinking and problem-solving.

This course, like BioBeyond, pushes the boundaries of what online science classes can be while keeping students entertained and engaged all semester long.

Through 24 real-life case studies, nine guided reading lessons, eight virtual lab experiments, and four PhET mini-simulations, you will learn a year’s worth of high school chemistry and the concepts and theories applied to fields such as environmental science, medicine, and forensics.

For students interested in these fields, this course is one of the first steps toward making those dreams a reality.

“I’m quite interested in the medical field, so it’s exciting that I get to learn about how chemistry contributes to medicine and how we use it to treat patients!” Olivia Fish, an ASU Prep Digital student currently taking the course, said.

The course uses adaptive technologies to personalize your learning pathway and provide immediate feedback and real-time guidance. And since we’re in the business of making sure your classes are informative and fun, you’ll earn points throughout the course as you master new concepts. Completing virtual labs and reports, challenges, quizzes, and tests will contribute to your overall score.

When exploring each case study, you’ll take on a role in a team of scientists trying to solve a problem. But don’t worry—we won’t leave you to fend for yourself! As you go through the lesson, you’ll learn all of the necessary concepts needed to crack the case.

Get ready to master concepts such as logarithms, nuclear chemistry, and chemical reactions so you can help test the safety of water sources, detect cancerous cells in the body, and uncover the source of unexplainable diseases.

“My favorite part of the course so far has been the real-life case studies,” Fish said. “I love the scenarios where we’re given patients we need to treat because we learn how to treat them with different medicines!”

This course is designed to engage and entertain you while you discover the many ways scientists use chemistry every day. And for those with a career pathway in mind, such as education, engineering, communication, or science, this can be the first step toward fulfilling grade 9 requirements and preparing for a future college major.

“I would definitely recommend this course to others, especially those who want to go into a science-related field after college!” Fish said. “While some topics might be a little hard to understand or not click at first, don’t give up or force yourself to get it finished. Reach out to your teacher and ask for help so you understand the topic fully.”

Ready to take the course? Check out our course catalog or schedule a call with an admissions advisor to get started.

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