Our Teaching Model

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The ASU Prep Digital Teaching Model

One of the biggest fears people have when considering an online education is that “students are all alone.” And we hear you.

It’s true that 100% of coursework is online and it can be done from virtually anywhere, but despite the persistence of the myth… you’re certainly not on your own.

At ASU Prep Digital, students are intentionally connected with qualified teachers, a personal success coach and fellow students throughout an entire course experience.

The ASU Prep Digital teaching model l is one-of-a-kind, in that it creates a very personal and helpful environment to support the student — with real teachers and coaches. The model is built around a personalized learning approach; which means each student’s individual needs are assessed and, how best to help them succeed throughout their course, is customized. After a student enrolls, their success coach will work closely with them, their teachers and even their parents to develop a plan that will help them to achieve their goals and stay on track.

Newly enrolled full-time students start by attending a week-long orientation course, taught by their success coaches. The course covers topics like: how to set-up your home classroom/office, how to take a screenshot, how to submit coursework and questions to your teacher, taking ownership in decision making, leadership development, and growth training.

Throughout the semester, the success coach provides a holistic perspective of the student’s overall course load and reminds them of critical dates, like registering for the PSAT and filling out college applications.

This is done in an initial connection through both phone and email, making communication convenient and personal for you and your family.

ASU Prep Digital teachers are not average — no really! Each teacher makes a personal investment in their students, creating great dialogue around what their interests and goals are for each class and how they can help them be successful. Each teacher reaches out to both the student and the parent(s) at the start of a new course and welcomes them to the class via email, phone call and sends them a welcome video message through Adobe Connect and/or YouTube.

Each teacher usually touches base with students about 3 times each week;

especially if they see that a student is lagging behind or made a failing grade on a quiz or test. That said, they don’t just follow up to tell the student that they failed, but rather, they provide feedback, offer resources for better understanding and create inroads to help students process their progress and make adjustments as needed. You rarely get that kind of one-on-one care in most traditional classroom settings.

Teachers host a weekly live video that usually lasts between 30-45 minutes. This gives an overview of coursework for the week and helps students assess where they are in the class. Students are also encouraged to connect with their teachers via email, chat, phone or text whenever they need to, to get their questions answered.

Though much of online learning is independent for a student, ASU Prep Digital has created a leading model of digital community and connection that is unprecedented. Find out more about the advantages of the ASU Prep Digital Teaching Model.