See What Our Parents Are Saying – More Growth Mindset Equals Less Stress to Be Perfect

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Parents tell us how they were initially hesitant to enroll their child in virtual school, citing concerns regarding socialization and isolation. We received this letter from a parent who shares how their discovery of ASU Prep Digital has been a welcomed option for their family.

“We decided to try ASU Prep Digital in August 2021. It was three weeks into 4th grade and our son had spent more time at home in quarantine than he had in class, so we were concerned about another year of learning loss. Online learning did not go well for us in 2020, but ASU’s daily live Zooms sounded promising. It did take a few weeks for our son to learn to navigate ASU’s system, but all the staff were very helpful and quick to respond to questions.

There is so much we love about ASU Prep Digital. The teachers and staff are at the top of our list. They really do pick the best of the best. My son’s teacher was amazing. She would go above and beyond anytime he needed help and she made learning exciting. His Learning Support Coach is always available to answer my questions or find the answers when she doesn’t know them. My son is always excited to go on his Zooms and interact with them both. Within a few months, our son had no desire to go back to in-person school.

I was worried about him being too isolated, but he has made many friends. He often Duo’s or zooms with kids just to chat. They have also worked on assignments together online. We have even had a few in-person playdates. The clubs are also fun and a great way to interact with other students.

One of my son’s favorite parts about ASU is that he can redo assignments until he gets them right. It relieves a lot of the stress to be perfect. He can try something and learn from his mistakes. He also knows that if he doesn’t try his hardest, he will have to spend even more time fixing his assignments later. He is not only learning more but working harder and smarter.

We also love that we can do school anytime, anywhere. If he has an appointment or misses what his teacher said, he can always go back and watch the recorded zoom later. It has been a great option for our family.”

“The clubs are also fun and a great way to interact with other students.”

We know there is great learning to be gained when the pressure to be “perfect” is relieved. Growth comes from trying, and retrying—learning something new with each discovery. Thank you for sharing your son’s excitement and learning journey with us. We are happy you are part of the ASU Prep Digital family.

It means a lot when a parent shares how ASU Prep Digital is helping their student succeed. We’d love to hear from you. Share your story with us at