3 Multi-Use Creative Halloween Costumes!

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Written By Billie Fechter

It’s the spooky season! Halloween is rapidly approaching, and it is tough to come up with costume ideas. Costumes are the best part of Halloween. Whether you are celebrating with friends or on your couch, it is still so much fun. My biggest costume struggle is finding something fun and having the ability to wear it again. I am going to be sharing my three favorite Halloween costume ideas and how I wore them!


One of my favorite costume ideas is what I like to call the switch. It is taking what your usual style is and wearing the opposite. My switch is being a fisherman (wearing shorts, baggy t-shirt, and hat); this is very different from my flouncy dresses!


Everyone has that one item in their wardrobe that was only worn once. Maybe it’s not quite your style or doesn’t feel perfect. Halloween is the ideal time to break the rules and wear that least favorite piece. My one-and-done was bright red boots I brought for Christmas pictures. I decided to style them with a white skirt and my dad’s blue checked shirt for a Dorthy-inspired look!

Day Off!

What do you wear when there is nothing to do? A day off school and work? That is exactly what you wear for the day off costume! Sometimes the best, funniest costumes are those who look like they just rolled out of bed. I styled my day off with slippers, sweats, and my favorite hoodie!

Halloween is all about having fun and being creative. I hope these three costume style tips help you out this spooky season! Trick or Treat!