Dune: A Desert Adventure

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Written By Olivia Dedham


Last month, on October 22, the highly anticipated Dune movie dropped into theaters and on demand in the U.S. In all honesty, I had no idea what to expect. I am a sci-fi lover, courtesy of the 2015 movie Tomorrowland and the 2018 blockbuster Ready Player One. Nevertheless, Dune borders on the line of Star Wars and Star Trek, movies that, despite popular opinion I could never get into. However, the movie originated from the 1965 book version of Dune, therefore making it an adaptation – which as many film junkies know, can either be a hit or miss situation.

The futuristic movie is set in 10191 on the ocean planet Caladan, which is ruled by the powerful House Atreides. House Atreides is assigned to replace house Harkonnen on the desert planet Arrakis where they will harvest “spice”, a necessity for human life and interstellar travel. However, in the ever political world of the future, House Atreides’ new life on Arrakis is full of lies and deception. Nobody is their friend. Now I have to say, the movie can get a little dark, and in those moments I recommend focusing on Timothée Chalamet’s great acting (and how great he looks in a space suit).

The gorgeous backdrop was brought to you by the desert of Wadi Rum, Jordan, as well as the United Arab Emirates, while the scenes on Caladan were filmed in Stadlandet, Norway. Dune is a deep film and will leave you anxious, with the urge to fight right alongside the characters on screen. If you liked it, the franchise already confirmed there’s a part 2 in the works, and if you didn’t like it, well I’m sorry. All I can say is that hopefully in part 2 we’ll see more of Zendaya and her character Chani. It’s a sink or swim world out there in Hollywood, and I’m no expert by any means, but I’d say Dune swam.