No Guts, No Glory: A Brief History of DOOM

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Disclaimer: ASU Prep Digital does not condone nor does it advertise the use of the game “DOOM.”

Written by Kanyon Pierce

This Photo by Unknown Author is licensed under CC BY-NC


DOOM, a game so outdated you can download and play it on a Calculator1, why does anybody care about it? People Care about it because id Software2 showed the industry of game design that 3D games are not only possible but plausible. Because id Software had previously made Wolfenstein 3D, the first 3D First person shooter ever, they had some experience with the creation of games like it. So, with hopeful thoughts id Software released DOOM as shareware3 in 1993. Not long after its release, DOOM raised much controversy among gamers because of the Gorey graphics and somewhat insensitive plotline4. Many people believed that DOOM was a horrible game and that it should be banned, but it was already too late. Because id Software released DOOM as shareware people who got the game was legally allowed to copy the game for personal use and/or public distribution. Though that was a big part of it, that wasn’t the only reason DOOM couldn’t be realistically banned. The other reason was that DOOM had amassed a cult following within the first few months of release.

New Releases

To all people aware of this, it was obvious doom wasn’t going anywhere, and sure enough, it wasn’t. By 1994 DOOM II: Hell on Earth was released and could be obtained through mail order. But Graphic Violence didn’t stop there. By 1995 The Ultimate DOOM was released in stores. After That, there was a bit of a break to this series of Demon Slaying, but in 2004 The chaos strikes again with a horror-based doom game Called DOOM 3. After that, Many People thought doom had come to a somewhat inconclusive end. It was a Somber time for the hundreds of millions who loved DOOM and its hellish influence on the world of First-person shooters. Then out of the blue, a full-blown remake of the original games came out in 2016! (Seeing a pattern here?) Fans were ecstatic but there was still no new story. 2020 was historic for a lot of things, Corona Virus, Isolation, and plenty of amazing Video games, but by far many people’s favorite was the release of DOOM Eternal. The Violence was back in a big way! DOOM Eternal’s amazing graphics are still shocking me and many others as Doomguy has a gun in hand once again. Will all the DOOM end here? I don’t think so because DOOM’s Influence on gamers and Developers alike is truly Eternal.


1The TI 84 Plus has the capability of running DOOM When downloaded correctly.

2id Software is the Creators of DOOM and Wolfenstein 3D.

3When you distribute something as shareware you give away copies of it and encourage people to make more copies of it and give it away to those they know.

4The First Installment in the DOOM Series gives you the control over a Space Marine that many call Doomguy, His job is to kill all the Demons that are invading from Hell.