School at ASU Prep Digital

Written by Gideon Batai

Switching to ASU Prep Digital from an in-person high school can be a major, life-changing decision. Understandably, online school isn’t for everyone. However, ASU Prep Digital’s alternative format can provide a path to excel for students struggling in in-person high school.

Some of the most common reasons students drop out of high school are due to simply not having enough time. For example, getting a job, not being able to work and attend school, having to take care of family members, or becoming a parent.

Here’s where ASU Prep Digital can support struggling students. If the student is working an hourly, 9 to 5 job, in-person school is not an option due to scheduling. ASU Prep Digital can support that student by allowing him/her to work in the evenings, mornings, and weekends.

If the student has to look after young kids or an elderly relative, ASU Prep Digital can be helpful as well. My teachers suggest that I find a designated workspace, but I’ve also worked from my couch in my family’s living room. ASU Prep Digital allows you to stay home caring for your family member, without forgetting about school.

ASU Prep Digital has options available for just about every student out there. If you or your child are in any of the situations above (or not), visit to get in touch with a Learning Success Coach. They’ll walk you through all your options at ASU Prep Digital, and will help you and your student reach their maximum potential at ASU Prep Digital.